Debbie Tumulak

“I just wanted to let you know that Peggy really went above and beyond last week when she came to my facility to educate the nurses on med pass and she came on the night shift for 4 hours!! That is awesome! She is awesome!!  I really appreciate that  she did  this,  and had to let you know that she went above and beyond! Not that many people do this nowadays.”

Debbie Tumulak, Regional Nurse Coordinator, Valley Ridge

Our Services

Making meds easier for LTC.

Our Services

Customer-Centered Dispensing Services

Rather than forcing customers into a one-size-fits-all solution, we customize services to the needs of our clients.

  • Experts in the continuum of care:
    • Adult & pediatric skilled nursing
    • Assisted & supportive living
    • CILAs
    • Drug & alcohol treatment
    • Group homes
    • Hospice
    • Intermediate care/DD
    • Residential treatment facilities
    • Shelter care
  • Your choice of packaging and dispensing systems to suit your needs:
    • Multi-day unit-dose boxes
    • Multi-day unit-dose blister (“bingo”) cards
    • Calendar-day-specific blister card cycles
    • Patient-specific unit-dose compliance cycle packaging
    • Patient-specific multi-med compliance cycle packaging
  • Tailored fill quantities:
    • Standard fill quantities for oral solid, chronic medications are set according to the needs of the facility, and/or payer type
    • To avoid waste and the potential for diversion, fill quantities for PRN medications may be shorter and are tailored to the resident and type of therapy
  • Expert compounding services provide customized routes and combinations of medications not commercially available can address patients’ unique needs, increase compliance, and improve outcomes
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Nursing station

Expert Consulting Services

Our experienced Consultants work as a part of your team to ensure regulatory compliance & improve clinical outcomes.

  • Consultant Pharmacists conduct thorough medication regimen reviews to help facilities:
    • Reduce overall medication burden
    • Reduce costs
    • Decrease antipsychotic usage
    • Increase CMS star ratings
  • Pharmacists & Nurse Consultants provide integrated services for facility staff and management, including:
    • Performance improvement activities
    • Drug utilization and management
    • Survey preparation and assistance
    • Outcomes improvement
  • Nurse Consultants are also available for:
    • Chart reviews
    • IV nursing services and troubleshooting
    • Medical record reconciliation