John Mirecki

"You should be very proud of your operations and staff; they do a fantastic job!"

John Mirecki, Vice President
Progressive Careers & Housing, Inc.

Life at Forum

Making meds easier for LTC.

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Employee Engagement

At Forum, we understand that--no matter what equipment or technology we use--our employees are the key to our  success. That’s why we involve employees in our WHYs. WHY we do what we do. WHY we choose what we choose. WHY it's all so critically important.


Employee Training

Employee involvement & training

Whether we’re providing weekly or monthly mini-training or getting feedback at our monthly All-Staff meetings, enlisting our Employee Committee on administrative decisions that affect our human resources, or creating cross-functional teams for Lean Six Sigma improvement projects, we work hard to involve employees in decision-making processes.

And in an environment where we’re focused on every critical detail, we realize we must be creative in finding additional engagement activities and outlets that also allow us to enjoy our work, and each other.



Recognizing that our employees are the most important factors in our success, we take time each month to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, reinforcing our appreciation of their commitment and tenure at Forum. That’s right, we even eat cake! Employee appreciation events, such as ice cream socials and picnics, are sprinkled throughout the year.



Forum staff members frequently participate in charitable activities, whether it’s donating to the Leukemia Research Foundation, providing school supplies for underprivileged youth, running food drives, or giving holiday gifts to residents in developmental facilities for children and young adults.

In addition, Forum’s Run/Walk/Bike team combines fundraising for selected charities with team-building activities outside work to engage employees. Employee participation in these events is funded by Forum, bringing us all together for a great cause.

Employee Suggestions

Employee Suggestions

Do you think it’s a great idea to set up a book exchange or conservation campaign to replace disposable cups with travel mugs for employee use? Maybe you have a way to get your work done more efficiently. Here at Forum, our greatest ideas come from employees. Anonymously or not, staff make suggestions they feel will benefit the company . Other employees have the opportunity to weigh in on posted suggestions before they move to management for review. Feedback on suggestions--including reports on implementing those suggestions--is provided to staff monthly.

Forum Fun

Forum Fun

All work and no play is no way to live. We want our employees to enjoy each other at Forum; that’s how our Employee Appreciation activities and Spirit Days started. We expect our staff to work hard, of course. But it's light-hearted activities that help us balance the critical nature of our work; these simple pleasures can raise spirits and bring smiles to peoples' faces.


Employee development is a priority at Forum. We believe that the success of an employee—and our company—is a direct result of effective training.

It starts on day one. Forum’s thorough onboarding process teaches new employees how we think as they learn the company’s vision, mission, and values. The curriculum includes making sure employees understand the key role pharmacy plays in long-term care. Competencies are conducted initially and on an ongoing basis to ensure that skills are honed and our policies, procedures, and processes are followed.

Team leads are key to effective training. With focus on an employee’s impact on patient care and why every step of the process is important, they help every new hire attain knowledge and understanding of their jobs. Self-enrichment programs are also highly encouraged.

Skills and knowledge training—including clinical, legal, and regulatory compliance—is ongoing throughout the year, in regular meetings, inservices, and subject-specific programs.

"Learning is an everyday journey."